Moon Activations

The moon and the stars are symbols of perfection, nectar, and energy.

Nature received life-sustaining prana from the moon allows everything to grow and thrive, as moonlight is also essential for the growth of plans and the ripening of fruit – not only sunlight. The stars, heavenly planetary bodies in our solar system along with the  galactic frequencies all have a direct impact on all sentient beings and the natural rhythms on Planet Earth. Mandeep teaches and shares the importance of utilizing the awareness of the rhythmic cycles of energetic engagement between humans, nature, and the cosmos by offering exclusive experiential teachings that invoke the specific energy of the powerful moon cycles along with the star and other planetary alignments that are also occurring. Unique Kundalini yoga Kriya, Breath work, and Meditation are taught in combination with powerful therapeutic sounds by the gongs, sacred singing bowls, and other spiritual frequency instruments. Prepare to feel deep relaxation, energetic healing and balancing, possible intuitive visions, and a deeper mystical and astrological awareness of what these cycles are activating. Our Cosmic Moon Activations are available for you to enjoy in-person or through our Gamma frequency livestream.