Meet Mandeep

Sat Nam! My name is Mandeep, which translates to “A Heart Illumined Mind & Consciousness.” If you are reading this, I welcome you as we have already connected on a deep soul level.

Through our connection we are contributing to the evolution of human consciousness and life on planet Earth and beyond. I’m so glad you’re here; now let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia and embrace my southern roots through my expression of fashion, etiquette and social graces. I have been practicing yoga in various forms since high school in the mid 70’s. I was divinely guided to my first yoga class with an Integral Yoga Teacher from the Swami Satchninanda lineage in 1999. At that time my body and mind were in severe pain and turmoil, and I was experiencing very traumatic physical symptoms. I was unable to walk without excruciating pain, had to be driven around, and mentally was in anguish as well. I fully embraced yoga as a lifestyle in 2000 with my first teachers’ training experience in Swami Kripalu’s lineage of Discovery Yoga in St. Augustine Florida. My first official class at that time delivered a clear God voice message stating, "This is your path of healing and through this healing you will heal others." I listened, accepted, and embraced that shift in that very first training.

From 00’-05’ my body and mind continued to heal and strengthen as I taught weekly public classes and began studying Vibrational Therapy with mantras and sound healing instruments. I also practiced and studied Yoga Therapy, attended numerous Yoga conferences and participated in two 7-day Silent Meditation retreats known as Vipassana. My body, mind and spirit were hungry for a deeper experience and connection to Source. It was becoming clear to me that the disconnection to my soul was the source of my dysfunction physically and mentally.

In 2005 my husband and I moved from Las Vegas to Cedar City, Utah which is where I experienced the energy of Kundalini coming into my life. In 2007, I became a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and the depth and focus of that began immediately with the deepening of my awareness and experiential wisdom of the ancient metaphysical sacred art that is the pure Mother Yoga. This created a dramatic upturn and facilitated the full immersion into the deeper experience and connection to Source I had been seeking!

I have continued to deepen my practice and increase my experiential wisdom as a Spiritual Teacher of Yoga and Vibrational Therapies with over 2000 hours of dedicated Yogic Lifestyle courses focusing on mental, physical and spiritual health and wealth, spiritual retreats, and experiential immersions all codifying my vibrational frequency to be amplified and expanded. I have trained and been involved in more than 30+ trainings, teaching hundreds of people the Way of the Teacher, the Way of the Guru, and how to Self-Initiate and Self Elevate and plan to continue for the rest of my life. Through my expansion, others around me are influenced in a positive manner.

Through the modalities and technology of the applied Yogic Arts & Sciences with Kundalini Activation as the primary focus, I offer addiction recovery methods, women’s teachings of empowerment, and sound & vibrational therapy. I also teach group classes and encourage regular participation in these classes as this is the fastest and most efficient way to generate the Elevated Collective Group Consciousness. Group consciousness within the human species on this planet provides a unique opportunity and availability for the evolution of our global human community to thrive, not just survive.

I am Bountiful, I am Blissful, I am Beautiful... and together, We are We. We are One.

Sat Nam - Truth is my Identity.

All Love, Mandeep

Sat Nam ~ Truth Is My Identity!

I am Bountiful, I am Blissful, I am Beautiful... and together, We are We. We are One.