Healing Services with Mandeep

Transformative healing and inner restoration services for vibrant well-being.

Spiritual Guidance with Mandeep

Mandeep offers intimate one on one consultations focusing on yogic technology, specifically Akara Numerology. Consultations can be regarding career changes, relationships, improved self-care guidelines, and simple guidance on how to have a daily yogic meditative practice. Through Mandeep’s compassionate wisdom and intuitive insight, she creates a safe space for profound introspection, soulful guidance, and transformative clarity, empowering you to navigate life's challenges. Reserve your session today, and unlock your innate potential, embracing a life of profound spiritual alignment and authentic fulfillment.

Sound Therapy Session

Our very existence is based upon vibrational frequency and resonance. This frequency fluctuates and can be influenced by our thoughts and our environments. In the teachings of Yogic Science regarding humanology, we are given the awareness that as human beings we are 6 energy bodies, 3 mental bodies, and 1 physical body. All of these bodies are interconnected and cooperative through pranic life energy vibrational forces. Sound vibrational therapy is a profound method that can shift, clear obstructions, and enhance the individual’s unique resonance. Mandeep utilizes the 7 sacred metal bowls and the epic quantum frequencies of the planetary gongs in her sound healing sessions. The initial consultation provides the protocol focus: relaxation, creativity, immunity boost, or balance. The Bio-resonance system is additionally utilized to enhance your sound healing session. Due to this being a Quantum Technology, the sessions are in a relatively short time, extremely effective. Clients have described having an out of body experience with the blissful release of stress, traumatic imprints, anxiety, depression. They’ve described feeling balanced and strengthened after just one session. Submerge yourself in the frequencies and reserve your session today.

Sound Therapy & Water Blessing Session

By filling a singing bowl with water, the bowl's harmonic resonance infuses and charges the energy of water. Water has been used for purification throughout world history. Do you know both the Earth and humans are made up of 70% water? That may be why charged water is associated with the power of healing and manifestation. Simply put, water holds the harmonic resonance of sounds that go through it. Now that you understand the effect of positive sounds imagine how water infused with the energies of sound healing instruments like singing bowls would work. In simple terms, when you fill up a singing bowl with water and play it while setting positive intentions, the water gets cleansed, charged, and activated with the healing energies of the bowl. Sound-wise, adding water to a singing bowl also softens the deep and sonorous sound of the Seven Sacred Metal Singing bowls. You will be taking your uniquely charged water home with you and can use it for several purposes like, gardening, charging space, crystals, or even people. I love anointing new places, things and even my jewelry with water charged in singing bowls. It's a great tool for programming or setting intentions this way too. Water charged with singing bowls is also used for flushing out any negativity blocking the seven primary chakras. Pour into your bathtub for an extraordinary cleansing bathing ritual!